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We would like to THANK YOU for taking the time to view our work. 

We consider ourselves lucky that we fell in love, each sharing a passion for photography. There is no substitute for quality that you find in the moment, and you can't get them back until you relive them through the lens.

Please allow us to introduce you to the people behind Innocent Eye Photography.

We met at a nursery.
We got married on a warm summers day, and we started to think about photography after the birth of our beautiful daughter. 
We believe in dreams. The sort of dreams that grow through passion, love, persistence, hard work and vision. 
The dreams that can be captured and shared in the years to come. 
We believe in dreams that keep you awake at night and give the power to strive to become better every day.

Karolina is a fan of colours, and Lukasz is a fan of black and white photography. 
We work together, smile together, very often standing on an opposite side of opinion but always looking in the same direction; through the lens of life. 
Karolina captures families, newborns, and portraits. Lukasz joins her for weddings and other significant events. We share the same passion for wildlife and adventure. 
Karolina enjoys the seaside and Lukasz could stay surrounded by mountains for days. 
Throughout our journey, we were born in the same city, fell in love with London and settled down in Somerset.
We offer destination photography that perfectly suits our souls. 
Together we dedicate our time and skills working in partnership with you to record meaningful moments that show who you truly are.

Thank You.
Karolina and Lukasz, Innocent Eye Photography Team.